What CBD Products do Pro Boxers Use?

What CBD Products do Pro Boxers Use?

Undisputed jw Champion Josh Taylor

Ever wondered what CBD products do some of your favourite Pro Boxing fighters take? Well in this post I’m going to let you know which Boxer:

  • Takes CBD as part of there regular training regime
  • Where you can buy the same Brands these top tier athletes are using
  • Also their favourite product to take

In the 1st edition of the CBD series: ‘How CBD Benefits Boxers and MMA Fighters’. I gave an overview of how CBD has been endorsed and used by fighters. This is for its real world use cases assisting against; pain relief, sleep disorders, anxiety and a host of other factors that can trouble your favourite fighters and you alike. 

As well as the different ways to consume CBD through vapes, oil tincture, pills, edibles and topical lotions. As I am a true believer of CBD benefits. Just coming from a Boxing session which included hard sparring and just used an Oil Tincture and Topical balm featured in this post. It is only right that I share the Pro Boxers CBD choice. Which includes a Commonwealth Gold medallist, exciting prospects with lethal knockout power and even a Boxing Undisputed Champion! 

MMA fighters tend to be more vocal about taking CBD and the cannabis plant in its entirety, especially its THC side effects. Like UFC World Champion Israel Adesanya and fan favourite Nate Diaz. Who openly talk about smoking cannabis for its medicinal and recreational benefits. However, former Boxing Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World Iron Mike Tyson. Has admitted and was found guilty of having cannabis in his system when he beat multiple Championship contender Andrew Golota. In the interview below he explains how he had one of his best performances. Causing a top Heavyweight Boxer to quit in-between round 2 and 3, while being high on weed.


Thankfully enough the CBD products showcased are competition testing friendly, being WADA approved. As well as having near to no traces of THC so you will not have any lethargic or hallucinogenic side effects. 


Josh ‘Tartan Tornado’ Taylor 

The Undefeated Boxer who is the United Kingdom’s only Undisputed Boxing Champion in the four belt era and is a Commonwealth Gold Medal winner. This Elite Boxer is still at the top of his game training relentlessly to stay undefeated and conquer new feets in the sport of Boxing.

The CBD Company he chooses?


Orange County CBD



Is a multi award winning CBD company which sources the finest CBD from the most well known place in the world for it: California. They have their own in-house mixologist team to produce the highest quality and versatile extract of the plant with lab results to back.

They have a wide range products in their itinerary from mild beginner friendly to seasoned professional strengths and tasty flavours in: vapes, cbd oils, capsules, gummies and skincare.

The World Champion Boxer choice:


12000mg CBD Oil (100ml) – Josh Taylor Edition

TTT edition

Two things what immediately came to mind when I first came across this product:

  1. Josh Taylor an Internationally known and respected Champion Boxer liked this product so much he put his name on it
  2. 12,000mg is a massive concentration of Broad spectrum CBD. That must pack a punch!

With myself being a promoter of the benefits of CBD I had a look at other brands to find that this is the most powerful Broad spectrum oil on the market.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil is all the compounds found in cannabidiol minus 0 THC. Which is great for athletes at the highest levels who are tested and can be disciplined for having high THC levels in their bloodstream.

This comes in a 100ml bottle with a 120mg per pipette serving. This product is more suited for people who want the strongest CBD oil on the market and can handle the dose. 

It is not a Cheap product either at £250. However it does sit well in the market for what you’re getting out the unique product for its dosage, quantity and of course quality. 

Also the Great thing about Orange County CBD, they do use Klarna as a payment method. This means you can spread your payments to affordable amounts over a number of months INTEREST FREE.



Connor ‘The Destroyer’ Benn

Perhaps the UK’s most exciting Boxing prospect due to his fierce fighting style and lethal knockout power. As ferocious as he is in the ring he sees the benefits of general wellness and recovery CBD provides. To keep his unbeaten streak alive and assist him on his road to winning a World title.


Anthony ‘The Machine’ Fowler

Another Boxer who is really popular domestically, like Josh Taylor he also won Gold in the 2014 Commonwealth games. He is a supporter of the CBD benefits for his career and a proud ambassador for the plant extract of his favourite company. 

The CBD company The Destroyer and The Machine chooses?


Supreme CBD


Supreme banner


This sought after brand is endorsed by celebrities, influencers and boxers alike. Just like Orange County CBD Supreme CBD provides lab tested results on their products to ensure the highest and honest quality. They also have a wide range products in their itinerary from mild beginner friendly to seasoned professional strengths and tasty flavours in: vapes, cbd oils, capsules, gummies and skincare.


The Destroyer choice: 

3000mg CBD Oil (30ml)

benn cbd

The great thing about Supreme CBD is that they provide this oil tincture in a natural earthy flavour as well as tasty fruity alternatives: apple, cherry and mint. This again can be purchased in the 0 THC Athletes range which is the broad spectrum cbd oil extract.

The site is currently selling this product at a Discounted price of £94.99


The Machine choice:

6000mg CBD Oil (30ml)

fowler 12000mg

This is a Full Spectrum CBD oil that still has minimal THC traces, 0.14%. Even though it has a higher trace of THC than a broad spectrum oil it is still nowhere enough for any psychoactive effects and is perfectly legal.

The site is currently selling this product at a Discounted price of £139.99



Florian ‘Albanian King’ Marku

marku 45

Currently an undefeated Boxer with a big following in the UK and around Europe for his decorated Kickboxing career and natural charisma. He has boxed in front of tens of thousands of fight fans in some of Europe’s largest arenas.


The CBD company he chooses?

FourFive Cbd 



Founded by two former international Rugby players who were looking for wellness and nutrition treatments that can be an alternative to the gruelling operations they go through in their full contact sport. As well as finding a natural source to aid in their long term health and fitness after retirement: This was where they found CBD. In a couple of years they have built a trusted brand of CBD which can be found in Boots UK Ltd: the UKs leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, which is over 170 years old with over 2200 stores nationwide. This company has less variety than the two previous businesses, selling oils, capsules and skincare. A great feature of FourFive is that they offer a subscription for their products at a discounted price so you can always ensure you are stocked up at all times.


Albanian King choice:

1000mg Pro CBD Oil (30ml)

This CBD oil is safe for athletes with it being close to 0% THC traced. With a fusion of vitamin D in the oil to assist with bones, teeth and muscle health and a fresh peppermint flavouring.

The cost is £55 for the bottle however you can opt for the 20% reduce price of £44 when you subscribe monthly.


300mg CBD muscle rub (45ml)

This is a very fighter and athlete friendly balm that soothes aches and sores. This is really useful for strenuous physical activities like weightlifting and sparring. The carefully formulated rub also has vitamin E properties, a vitamin that supports good skin.  

The cost is £30 for the bottle however you can opt for the 20% reduce price of £24 when you subscribe monthly.



Hopefully this post has helped you find the CBD brand and product that may benefit you in your day to day life. If its fight sparring, swimming, gardening or if you need something to ease the stresses of life im pretty sure:

  • Orange County CBD
  • Supreme CBD
  • Fourfive CBD

3 Brands used and backed by World Class Boxers have the product that suits you. Feel free to check the sites out and if they ask tell them Paul Pulls Punches sent you 🥊😉

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