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Paul Pulls Punches

Hi, I’m the Editor of Paul Pulls Punches. I have over 15 years experience in fitness mainly in weight lifting. In recent years I actively train Muay thai, boxing and MMA from former world champions and Trainers who have wins over Top UFC fighters. My passion for everything fight sports started with my love for boxing as a child in the 90’s. To the kickboxing Glory days of K1 at the turn of the century to PRIDE MMA and the UFC.

As an active practitioner of multiple Martial Arts I am also a keen follower of combat sports on this website you can find weekly roundups and previews of the Biggest fights in MMA and boxing in visual and audio form.

1st section will be found in the Paul Picks page where there will be a preview to the weekend fight schedule in video format and written summaries. As well as shows betting odds and tips for these events through special offers, accumulators, hidden gems and potential upsets.

The About Last Weekend audio podcast will summarise the past weekend’s biggest fights. This highlights the key wins, losses, potential matchups and the impact for the fighters and their division. This in depth weekly breakdown is presented in an entertaining, light humoured way.

This website is your go to resource for MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai/kickboxing and grappling sports enthusiast, pulling thorough research from experts who are around me daily and personal accounts. To assist you in purchasing products, services as well as enhancing your techniques in combat sports and fitness.

This Blog page Cage and Ropes has a wealth of knowledge for budding martial art practitioners and boxers.

  • Who are thinking of starting in a particular style of self defence or getting their relative/child into that discipline.
  • People who are currently practising and are looking to improve their skills, nutrition and equipment. 
  • Those who are curious of the best practices and products of some of their favourite fighters and athletes and wish to have a deeper dive into their habits.

These reviews are carefully researched through various sources, mainly through first hand experiences. Furthermore a good number of articles are observations, questions and demonstrations I have asked active and retired world class fighters and trainers. Who are either my coaches in these disciplines to my closest friends who are black belts whose competed globally in their disciplines and also national amateur boxing champions. 

Also through my decade plus experience in the fitness/bodybuilding gyms you will get certain tips, and secrets in workouts and nutrition. Which I have learnt and been shown to me by knowlegable personal trainers, body aesthetic competitors and strong freaks of nature. As well as friends of mine who have been unfortunate to spend time behind bars who explain their crazy fitness transformations, which you tend to see a lot from people who have spent years in such harsh and dangerous conditions.

As well as you have the Paul Ponders Blog Page which again will provide valuable content but geared to talking points of all fight sports. The talking points will tie into current topics in the multiple sports of martial arts in a very unique way you will only get here. As well at times some advice which may help anyone in most facets of their life.

There will also be historical rundowns and list post which will excite  and ignite interest of fans who cover the multiple fight sports.

My goal on this website is to share my experience and enthusiasm with everything combat sports and fitness. In a comprehensive way that anyone can see value in the content and easily digestible enough for anyone to enjoy reading.

Therefore if you are looking for entertainment on the best punching in the face contest of the week?

… Paul Pauls Punches has got you 😉 

If you are looking for conversation points and topics that you are not getting anywhere else?

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If you are trying to find the best methods, products reviews and tips in mma, boxing, martial arts and fitness. Guess what?

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