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Undisputed part3: Undisputed Boxing Champion season?!
Undisputed part3: Undisputed Boxing Champion season?! This post is a mid 2022 update to past and current...
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Top 12 Most Hyped UFC Fighters for 2022
Hype Train Derailed? Which UFC Fighter is Worth the Hype? In the History of combat sports there has...
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Where can I go to recover from Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA sparring?
7 Treatments for Recovery at a Specialist Facility This is a sequel to 8 Methods for Boxing and MMA...
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How to Recover from Boxing Training
How to Recover from Boxing Training – 8 Methods you can do at Home If you have partaking in any...
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What CBD Products do Pro Boxers Use?
What CBD Products do Pro Boxers Use? Ever wondered what CBD products do some of your favourite Pro Boxing...
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7 Ways to set up an Uppercut Knockout
7 Ways to Set up an Uppercut Knockout The Uppercut is a punch that many boxers use as part of their...
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Hi, I’m the Editor of Paul Pulls Punches. I have over 15 years experience in fitness mainly in weight lifting. In recent years I actively train Muay thai, boxing and MMA from former world champions and Trainers who have wins over Top UFC fighters.

My passion for everything fight sports starting with my love for boxing as child in the 90’s. To the kickboxing Glory days of K1 at the turn of the century to PRIDE MMA and the UFC.

As an active practitioner of multiple Martial Arts I am also a keen follower of combat sports on this website you can find weekly round ups and previews of the Biggest fights in MMA and boxing in visual and audio form.

This website is your go to resource for MMA, Boxing, muay thai/kickboxing and grappling sports enthusiast, pulling thorough research from experts who are around me daily and personal accounts. To assist you in purchasing products, services as well as enhancing your techniques in combat sports and fitness.

Paul Pulls Punches

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