How to do a Flying Knee

How to do a Flying Knee

OMG! It's the Flying Knee!

One of the harder moves in the muay thai world to perform and perfect but when it is performed right the knockouts look perfect. Lets face it as a combat sports fan there is nothing like a KO, especially when they seem like they came out of nowhere. If it’s a Gervonta Davis Uppercut on Leo Santa Cruz, Joaquin Buckley viral taekwondo kick to a perfectly placed flying knee from your favourite UFC star.

There is definetly something special about the flying knee move, the impact of when the knee hits the opponents face savagery can be compared to a leopard leaping 10 feet in the air to devour its prey.


First it is really important that you are fully warmed up to try this move out and stretch crucial ligaments. Before doing any exercise especially combat sports classes you would want to stretch from your neck down to your ankle. However I know at times we want to jump into the nitty gritty so if time is of the essence I would recommend an emphasis stretching quads, hips and hamstrings. When you have better flexibility and warmed up joints it will greatly help your explosivity and form when you are practicing this move.
Try starting with body weight squats, squat jumps and lunges this will also help.
lunge exercise


How to do a jumping knee attack.

This technique can be hard to learn in detail online. Here are some tips for how to attempt this move, but be sure to consult someone with expertise before trying it yourself!

First, you need to get into position:

  • Step your left leg forward and position it so that your shin is perpendicular to the ground and your shin is facing your opponent’s midsection. Your right leg should be behind you, bent at 90 degrees, so that its knee is roughly level with the ground, similar to a lunge position.
  • Swing your left arm back so that it’s parallel to the ground and its elbow points toward your opponent’s face.

Then throw the flying knee:

  • Swing your left arm forward as you pivot on your right foot and straighten both legs as you’re swinging them up towards your opponent’s face. Your kneed will come up first. This entire motion should happen very quickly—in less than a second.
  • The immediate next step is to bring both feet back down and raise them off the ground slightly while returning them back into their starting position.

This is a difficult move to master and requires many hours of training both in the gym and at home. You can train this move solo but it does help if you have a partner or trainer whose holding striking pads as you may benefit from making impact to a target. Also with someone else observing you they can point out what your doing well and where you need improvement but if you do not have a partner you can always use your phone to record your sessions.


Now your Knees have wings 

Kidding, but all jokes aside you won’t master this move in your first attempt and even athletes specializing in Muay Thai and K-1 actively practice this approach to deliver it to their opponents when it is Fight Time.Yet as they say knowledge is Power and with great power comes great responsibilty. As seen on the image below this move performed with expert timing by master striker Michael Venom Page on a warrior like Cyborg delivered a career ending injury in just that one strike.
Michael Venom Page Career ending Flying knee KO of Evangelista Santos

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